Serpent 160330 Spring set L27 (5)  [SER160330]

Serpent 160330 Spring set L27 (5)
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Brand New
The Spring set L27 5 produced by Serpent, is classified in Spares / Hop-ups - Serpent - 966 -TE v2 (903011)
Serpent SER160330 Spring set L27 (5)

Serpent has released 2 sets of new series shock springs, which are suitable for use with all current and previous Serpent shock absorbers.

Sold in sets of 5 pairs of springs, 1 set contains 23mm length springs, 1mm longer than the older version, for the front of 1/8th scale chassis and both the front and rear of 1/10th scale chassis, while the 2nd set contains 27mm springs for the use on the rear of 1/8th scale chassis.

Featuring a new colour rating these new series of springs are of a better quality, coming with ground flat ends, and as they no longer have a colour coating they function more accurately. The spring s hardness is now identified by the coloured paint on the springs tip.

New Spring ratings
            N/mm    lb/inch
White       2,3    13,0
Yellow     2,8    16,0
Orange     3,4    19,5
Red          4,1    23,5
Pink         4,9    28,0
Blue         5,8    33,0
Purple      6,8    39,0
Green      8,0    45,5
Grey        9,0    51,5
Black     10,0    57,0

Old spring ratings
REAR    N/mm    FRONT    N/mm
Orange    2,1       Orange       2,7
White      3,0       White         3,0
Yellow    3,8       Yellow       4,0
Red         4,6       Red            5,0
Blue        5,2       Blue           6,1
Purple     6,2       Purple        6,5
Grey     10,9       Grey         10,3

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