Serpent 401592 Geardiff V3 Composite  [SER401592]

Serpent 401592 Geardiff V3 Composite
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Brand New
The Geardiff V3 Composite produced by Serpent, is classified in

The geardiff housing is super compact and light already. For the new diff the small and large gears inside are made from a very durable and smooth composite, and the alu axles ar replaced by a composite X-shape axle. The steel drivecups are replaced by hard-coated alumnium ones. The result is less rotating mass and smoother diff action.

The sintered gears and still be used in the diff-case, and some drivers also combine alu and composite gears for different gear-diff feel/ action

401593 Outdrive alu for geardiff V2 composite (2)
401594 Diff gear 10T+18T for geardiff V2 composite (4+2)
401595 Geardiff x-shaft for geardiff V2 composite

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