Serpent SER401639 Chassis Carbon 2.0mm S411 4.0  [SER401639]

Serpent 401639 Chassis Carbon 2.0mm S411 4.0



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The Carbon 2.0mm S411 4.0 produced by Serpent, is classified in

Serpent SER401639 Chassis Carbon 2.0mm S411 4.0

For the Serpent Eryx 4.0, Serpent offers 3 chassis to choose from. Depending which version Eryx 4.0 car you have, you can choose the optional other ones to test.

401639 Chassis carbon 2.0mm S411 4.0
-Mainly used on very high traction tracks, Its ultra stiff carbon and has less flex than the 2.25mm version

401640 Chassis Aluminum 2.0mm S411 4.0
401641 Chassis carbon 2.25mm S411 4.0
-These 2 chassis are very close handling wise. In general Aluminum is used more indoors on carpet and carbon 2.25 more outdoors on asphalt, but depends on tracks and personal driving feel too. The Aluminum one has equal lowered sides which has even better CG and optimal flex.

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