Serpent 411378 Chassis Carbon 2.5mm S120 LTR  [SER411378]

Serpent 411378 Chassis Carbon 2.5mm S120 LTR



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The Carbon 2.5mm S120 LTR produced by Serpent, is classified in

A new 2.5mm Chassis and Podplate for the S120 LTR 1/12 Scale pancar.


More High Speed Steering on Corner Entry. In all Turns the car Feels Smoother Through the Whole Corner and Carries a More Constant arc. Fast Chicanes Felt More Stable (less roll) and Carried More speed. Rear Wheel Lift was reduced. Mid-corner the car Accelerates Faster and Exits More efficiently.
Overall Easier to Drive and car Feels Flatter Around the Whole Track rear Tyres Work Harder(moving Lipo Forward and Softer Centre Spring fix it as needed).

S120 LTR kits: the Kits Shipping From April 2017 Onwards are Fitted Standard With These 2.5mm Chassis and Podplate

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