Serpent SER500503 Upgrade-set Aluminium Chassis SRX2 MH  [SER500503]

Serpent 500503 Upgrade-set Aluminium Chassis SRX2 MH



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The Upgrade-set Aluminium SRX2 MH produced by Serpent, is classified in

500503 Upgrade-set aluminium chassis SRX2 MH3

The 2mm 7075 T6 chassis is hard anodized and all lower holes are countersunk. The set includes the sidebars and center moulded parts to keep the electronics positioned well and stiffen up the chassis. The chassis is ready to accept the 3 and 4 gear standard transmission and the 3 and 4 gear laydown transmissions.

The batteryplate is a nicely machined carbon fibre one and adds to the chassis stiffness as well.

The front end has a separate aluminium kickup-plate which is connected to the chassis with the durable moulded connector brace. This allows you to also try a carbon fibre chassis easily in case needed and its cheaper and easier to replace a kickup plate if needed.

The set also includes the new Srx2 body which can be used for the current 4-gear car, as well as the laydown 3 and 4 transmissions.

The front and rear end simply mount on top of the chassis upgrade.

All parts sell separate a spares as well.

Contents of the set:

  • S502 Spyder decal sheet b/wh 1
  • S503-MM-Masking sheet 1
  • S503-mm-battery-stap 1
  • S503-mm-carriage-L 1
  • S503-mm-carriage-R 1
  • S503-mm-fr-kick-plate 1
  • S503-mm-front-section 1
  • S503-mm-inline-batt-holder 1
  • S503-mm-rear-bulkhead-spacer 1
  • S503-mm-rear-bumper 1
  • S503-mm-rr-fr-toe-block 1
  • S503-mm-rr-rr-toe-block 1
  • S503-mm-trans-brace 1
  • S503-mm-body 1
  • S503-mm-chassis-alu-std 1
  • cs-allen-m3x20 2
  • cs-allen-m3x8 5
  • cs-allen-m3x10 10
  • cs-allen-m3x12 8
  • CS Allen M3x16 1
  • setscrew-m3x8 2
  • nylock-nut-m3 3

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