Serpent SER803211 Steering Blocks Evo2 720 - 0  [SER803211]

Serpent 803211 Steering Blocks Evo2 720 - 0



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The Steering Blocks Evo2 720 0 produced by Serpent, is classified in
New for the Serpent 720 are these Evo2 steering blocks, available in pairs with 0 and 1mm kingpin angle.
These new blocks have 1mm more offset compared to the standard versions, which gives the car a more smooth steering style. The 0-degree blocks work well on medium traction surfaces while the 1-degree blocks work better on low to medium level traction surfaces.

However if you swap the left and right 1-degree blocks, the car will then work better in high grip tracks, actually reducing the effects of grip roll, while at the same time giving the car smoother, more consistent, cornering.

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