Serpent SER804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car  [SER804007]

Serpent 804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car



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alt="Serpent 804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car" title="Serpent 804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car"
alt="Serpent 804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car" title="Serpent 804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car"
alt="Serpent 804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car" title="Serpent 804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car"
alt="Serpent 804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car" title="Serpent 804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car"
alt="Serpent 804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car" title="Serpent 804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car"
alt="Serpent 804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car" title="Serpent 804007 Natrix 748 1/10 200mm GP car"
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The Natrix 748 200mm car produced by Serpent in 1/10 scale Touring Car series AWD drivetrain assembly kit, is classified in R/C Models - On-Road - Touring Cars - Nitro Powered

Serpent Natrix 748 1/10 scale 4wd gaspowered 200mm car 4wd, belt-drive, gear-differentials front and rear, Centax TM clutch, 2-speed gearbox, 75cc tank, chassis 7075-T6, carbon radioplate and shocktowers, RCM-SS shocks, ball-raced anti-roll bars, completely adjustable.


  • Course: 200mm 1/10th Scale 200mm
  • Chassis: 3mm aluminum, 7075 aerospace quality, CNC machined
  • Suspension: Independent double wishbone suspension system
  • Radio dish: 2.5mm carbon fiber, CNC machined
  • Shock absorbers: RCM SS shock absorbers
  • Fuel tank: 75cc design
  • Drive system: 4wd through kevlar strengthened timing belts
  • Clutch system: Centax-True movement clutch system
  • Front axle: Gear Differential
  • Back axle: Gear Differential
  • Gearbox: Lightweight SL6 2-speed with interchangeable fine pitch gears
  • Weight: 1.595kg (depending on radio gear)
  • Max. speed: 105km/h +
  • Acceleration: 0-90km/h 3.0 seconds
  • Guidelines: color instruction manual, reference guide
  • Maybe not included: Engine and pipeline, body, radio equipment, battery pack, tires


  • The innovative steeringblock system, well proven regarding the WC winning Viper 977, is completely adjustable, enable a respected, basic or trailing position and permit mounting of the optional carbon aero disks
  • A new fueltank was created, which sits even low in the automobile as prior to, and is long and slim
  • The lay-down servos are both seated in one single composite holder, as close as possible to your centerline regarding the vehicle, producing a much better overall balance and enabling better rotation. The gas-throttle linkages act like the machine applied to the Viper 977
  • a pleasant small and light receiver box is created, which seats really close to the radio-tray and also as much inboard as you possibly can . In the radioplate a tiny owner is fitted to simply accept the plugs associated with the battery pack, to do something as on/off switch.
  • The ballraced backside anti-roll bar is optimised place wise.
  • The alumium rear brake and 2-speed shaft holders, that also hold the backside anti-roll bar are lighter
  • This new chassisplate allows the engine to be installed more toward back as before, causing an improved overall stability. Therefor the trunk and part belt are brand new too.
  • A corner uprights are modified to also accept the optional carbon aero disks
  • The radioplate sits incredibly reduced in the car, plus it built in a corner with a fresh kind ballraced flexsystem, which a be utilized or locked in moments.
  • the low radiotray made a new steering / servo saver assembly necessary, again with adjustable ackermann inserts as before.
  • On the front end the bumper is a larger low mounted product with all the carbon top-plate.
  • Overall the NATRIX car is lighter than 747 before, as additionally most aluminium components have already been redesigned to loose fat.

Symmetrical chassisplate for even flex and torsion, in 7075 T6 aluminium, anodised and laser etched. Chamfered edges for more ground clearance whenever cornering and countersunk holes. Central slots to install fat, that may slide to the right position and secured.

The 2mm carbon fiber radioplate has numerous functions. It holds the fueltank in place which can be mounted on 3 alu articles in rubber. Regarding right hand part the receiver mounts to a well shaped carbon fiber plate that connects to the radiotray, sqeezed in right between belt and tank. The radioplate sits once again reduced regarding the automobile , for reduced center of gravity.

Central Flex system
The trunk section of the radioplate incorporates a fantastic flex-control system. It comprises of 2 machined aluminium parts. The lower one connects toward radioplate supports a top of the one with screws on upper alu plate and radioplate. You can either run the 748 rigid with flex . The optional ball-bearings and screws can be purchased seperate. Testing indicates that flex in center back of the automobile has the many effect and responds most predictable as wel.

748 servo owner
A fresh composite servo holder is designed to have both servo nearer to the guts line of the automobile and also as low as you possibly can. The 2 lay-down servo?s are seated really near together and mount in an exceedingly efficent and simple method. The holder mounts to the radio-tray.

The throttle / braking system linkage is same design as utilized on the 977 1/8 automobile. A pivot-lever system with an ingenius ball-cup system to your guide the cable while having very nearly friction free action.

748 receiver field
The newest composite receiver package is tiny but holds and protects the most common contemporary receivers effortlessly. The antenna mounts to your top. The box is securely fastened toward radioplate with a nylon bracket . The box is relocated as a great deal towards the inside as possible. Regarding radioplate a tiny holder is fitted to accept the plugs of the battery, to behave as on/off ?switch?.

Carbon fibre battery-holder placed between your tank and pipe, for the greatest weight balance. The battery pack is not hard to strap down with tape towards bracket. Spacers could be used to mount the battery pack higher or lower with respect to the battery pack you intend to use.

748 fueltank
Lower and longer durable 75ccm nylon fueltank with clear product to effortless see fuel-content. Big springloaded quick-fill cap with seal with large tank starting for without headaches refills. The bronze sintered filter could keep gas clean and ensure tank will clear till last fall if needed. Fueltank sits suprisingly low in the automobile for low center of gravity. Fueltank is mounted with clips on 3 alu articles with plastic buffers.

SuperShort RCM shocks
Coated threaded shockbodies in high quality aluminium. Supersmooth o-ring / bushing package, to steer and seal the spring-steel piston rods. Precision moulded pistons contained in 3 types. Threaded pre-load shocknuts in alu with o-ring in. Light but strong nylon spring-cups. Selected, matched and paired shockabsorber springs with color coding.

Front bumper and bodymount
Front bumper with aerodynamic effects and excellent security. Some parts of the reduced bumper is cut open to produce more steering. Moderate or tiny foam bumper pad scan nevertheless be fitted as optional. The top of carbon fibre bodyplate mounts towards front bumper with alu post and secures leading bdyposts

Shocktower front side
Superlow 3.0mm carbon fibre shocktowers with 3 roles for upper shockmounting. In the centre you'll mount the 3rd bodypost as required.

Front brackets
A concise and superlight structure of topquality aluminium parts consist of top-brackets, L and R equal bearing brackets, lower suspension system bracket front. The open style design permits extremely fast parts change as required, like gear, diff or anti-roll bar.

Suspension front side
Strong very long double A-arm suspension system with aluminium pivotballs, which pivot in light nylon cups. Hard kind composite arms. The hands pivot internally on springsteel pins. The pivot-inserts are accustomed to change rollcenter. Small grubscrews mount into the upper bracket to control downstop. Accessible and change trip height, front width, toe-in, caster and camber.

Very strong composite steeringblocks with 2 ackermann roles, L and R usage exactly the same . The steeringblocks function inserts, which allow to alter the kingpin inclination to a number one or trailing place. The steeringblocks also allow utilization of the optional carbon fibre aero disks become installed for less flex and a far more direct steering feel.

Wheelaxles / cvd
The spring-steel wheelaxles are seated in high speed bearings. The light and durable spring-steel cvd?s bring all power to the leading tires. Wheels are mounted to orange anodised high grade aluminium hex-adaptors utilizing flanged wheelnuts.

Anti-roll club front side
The ballraced wire type anti-rollbar inside front is really easily accessible and change for any other type or thickness as needed. The anti-roll club is linked to the reduced a-arms with an original pivotball/cup system, which gives direct and smooth procedure and it is easy to set and adjust.

Servo-saver / steering
The brand new lowered centraly mounted steel servo-saver post fits the spring-loaded ballraced servo-saver system and steering. The inserts enable 2 ackermann settings. As a result of the available design the linkages with L/R threading can be reached effortlessly. Your whole system allows for extremely accurate steering and minimum bumpsteer.

Middle shaft holder
Machined 2 piece aluminium middle shaft holder, which securely holds the spring steel middle shaft, and doubles up as owner for the pipe-mount.

Backside brackets
Extremely rigid but open buttocks design with a composition of machined alu brackets, enabling effortless maintenance. The differential brackets, L and R equal, are toothed and seat the excentric bearing owner, which allow for setting belttension. Its extremely swift and simple to install a differential and or change a belt. The machined aluminium lower suspension brackets have actually roll-center inserts with 3 positions to pick from. The trunk bracket may be the narrow V1 variation.

The 2-speed gearbox shaft holders, twice up as anti-roll mounts, and braking system system basis. All topquality machined parts with anodising and laser-engraving.

Brake -system
the reduced mounted brake system with superlight disk permits smooth as well as braking, additionally the open system prevents overheating. The ball-raced excenter and lever provides an extremely smooth and direct brake-feeling.

Rear carbon shocktower and camber bracket
The low 3.0mm carbon shocktower has 3 top mounting place for the shocks therefore mounts the body-posts. The camber bracket provides 8 roles to choose from, 4 internal and 4 out holes. The shocktower is ready to mount the extra body-protectors, that are optional.

Suspension backside
The rough lower rear composite arms together with the updated uprights create a wider set-up sweet-spot with additional hold and much more steering. Top of the camber rods hook up to the carbon camber bracket with 8 mounting roles for roll-center and the camber rod is not hard to gain access to and has L/R threading for fast changes. The aluminium pivotball system permits fast alterations in width and toe-in. In the reduced within the wishbone pivots on springsteel pins, which chair with roll-center inserts within the anodised alu suspension brackets.

Lower back wishbones
The hard composite reduced wishbones function a mounting position for the anti-roll bar linkage which moves the web link position more outside. Its also provides a mounting place for an optional carbon shock-mount bracket, to go the low shockmount position further out, however for the standard set-up its unnecessary. By putting the low surprise further out, you're going to get even more steering .

Uprights / wheel-axles
Durable medium kind composite uprights, which seat the wheel-axles bearings. The upright provides the mounting place the steel camber-rod with L/R threading. Rolll center chnages are made over the upright with shims. The upright is installed using the optional carbon fiber aero disks to get more back grip and right line security.

Wheelaxles and driveshaft
The durable spring metal wheelaxles along with spring metal driveshafts bring the ability from the gear-diff to your wheels. Tires are fitted on high quality anodised alu wheelhex adaptors and secured with flanged wheelnuts.

Anti-roll club back
The ballraced wire kind anti-rollbar in the backside is truly accessible from the utmost effective and change for any other kind or thickness as needed. The anti-roll club is for this lower a-arms with a spring-steel rod.

747 Gear-differentials
Compact, durable and light gear differentials. Pecision moulded metal gears. The durable and light springtime steel lightened diff-adaptors connect to the driveshafts. Front and back geardifferential are same, simply various pullies.

CVD driveshafts
Spring metal, light and very durable CVD?s used in the leading. Precision mounted hard steel pins

Spring steel, light and very durable dogbones found in the trunk. Precision mounted hard steel pins

Precision moulded super-true pullies, which feature holed sidewalls to let debris move out easier. Light and durable.

Minimal friction Kevlar reinforced belts with fine pitch. Longlasting and smooth.

Ball raced belt-tensioner, machined from aluminium and certainly will mount on the top or below the radioplate.

Gear-box SL6
The fine proven SL6 gearbox is standard within the 748. Light and compact, with suprisingly low rotating mass. Durable and longlasting gears. Quality bearings. Extremely grippy springloaded 2-speed shoes, very easy to set.

True Movement Centax clutch
Serpent invented the Centax clutch in mid 90-ties, and all brands followed it. Small improvements are found to really make the initial system better yet. The Real movement Centax has a flat flywheel, while the taper part on pressure plate. This enables the flyweights working better yet. The hard anodised aluminium flywheel has 4 holes to own comfortable access to keep the flywheel constantly in place when establishing the pre-tension. The flyweights are constructed with topquality teflon and feature one more opening to use grubscrews to ensure they are heavier. The red friction clutch footwear is extremely grippy, and works excellent with the steel clutch housing. The difficult anodised gears screw on the threaded steel bell.

Motor mount
The light machined and anodised motor mounts perfectly seats the motor, well alligned using the gearbox. Tiny modification could be built to go the engine closer toward gearbox.

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