Tamiya #58288 - RC Ferrari F2001 - F201  [58288]



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Now the greatest F1 car of all time can be yours, 1/10 scale that is...

The super aerodynamic body of the Ferrari F2001 machine that won Ferrari the Constructors' Championship maximized down force and weight savings while adapting to new FIA regulations. The Ferrari F2001 featured a longitudinally mounted 3000 Ferrari Tipo 050 V10 engine with electro-hydraulic 7-speed gearbox in pre-machined welded titanium. After the ban was lifted on traction control, launch control and other high-tech devices at the 5th race in Spain, the F2001 was finished off with an arsenal of all new state-of-the-art equipment to further outclass rivals. Schumacher had clutched the 2001 F1 season Drivers' Championship Title with 9 wins, earning him 53 total wins in his career, as he became the most successful F1 driver of all time and the Ferrari F2001 the undisputed top machine in F1 history. Tamiya now introduces a 1/10 scale radio controlled car version of the machine that reigns supreme in the world of F1 racing.

The all new F201 Chassis!

  • Ultra-dynamic driving coupled with the ultra-controlled handling of Shaft 4WD
    • Mid-ship mounted motor transfers power to four wheels via propeller shaft for easy and stable driving.
  • Inboard Suspension System
    • 4-wheel double wishbone suspension employs four oil dampers on upper part of monocoque frame. This high-tech looking suspension closely resembles that of the actual Ferrari F2001.

Basic Specifications

  • Overall length: 425mm
  • Overall width: 196mm
  • Overall height: 98mm
  • Minimum clearance: 5mm
  • Weight fully equipped: 1,486g (including TP-S3003 servo, CPR Unit, RC2400SP battery)
  • Wheel base: 280mm
  • Tread (f/r): 164/159mm
  • Chassis material: ABS resin
  • Chassis type: monocoque
  • Steering tie rods: divided in two segments
  • Suspension (front and rear): double wishbone
  • Caster angle (f/r): 9deg./0deg.
  • Camber angle (f/r): variable
  • Toe angle (f/r): variable
  • Dampers (f/r): oil dampers
  • Drive train: shaft driven midship full-time 4WD
  • Gear ratio: 7.15:1(kit standard)
  • Diff gear system (f/r): ball diff
  • Full ball bearings (24 in all)
  • Speed Controller: electronic speed controller
  • Tire width/diameter: 37mm/64mm
  • Tread pattern (f/r): grooved tires
  • Includes Tamiya Sport-Tuned motor

Required Items (Sold Separately)

  • R/C Unit: Adspec GT-I, or FET 2-channel R/C unit with electronic speed control
  • Battery: Tamiya 7.2V Racing Pack

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