Futaba 2PHKA MJ 2-Channel Transmitter / Servo S3003x2 / 5000mah Battery/Fast Charger Operation Set for EP Car kit  [2PHKA_combo]

Futaba 2PHKA MJ 2-Channel Transmitter / Servo S3003x2 / 5000mah Battery/Fast Charger Operation Combo Set for 1/10 EP Car kit
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The MJ 2-Channel Transmitter / Servo S3003x2 / 5000mah Battery/Fast Charger Operation Combo Set for Car kit produced by Futaba, is classified in R/C Models - System - Transmitter - Car Transmitters

This will be Futaba\'s 2PHKA MJ (Magnum Junior) 2-Channel have always been Pistol Grip broadcast Combo

with Transmitter, Receiver, Servo, Battery & Charger

If transformed over for NiCd usage: the air is diode protected to prevent overcharging, therefore the battery cannot be discharged through transmitter.


This replaces the 2PCKA Magnum Junior Radio.
Rotary steering and throttle trims.
Two LED battery condition indicators.
Lightweight, ergonomic design decreases tiredness and improves control
Red plastic hold at the fingertips.
Servo reversing switches hidden behind smoked panel.
Dual Speed Steering function permits adjustment associated with the steering travel of the model.
Automatic Travel Volume (ATV) permits individual to modify maximum travel of a servo to either part of its basic position.
End Point Adjustments (EPA) for steering and throttle.


  • Size: 39.4x36.5x15mm. Weight: 47g.
  • Input voltage: 6.6-7.2V.
  • may be used with Sport Tuned Motors (product 53068) and 25T and above engines.
  • Battery voltage cut-off function are disabled.
  • Appropriate for Tamiya alongside makes of transmitters.
  • The environment switch allows the forward/reverse and basic roles to be easily set.
  • The reverse function are disabled.
  • Features temperature and current security functions with LED indicator.
  • Forward (100per cent) and reverse (50per cent) output.
  • Maximum constant up-to-date of 60A forward and 30A reverse.
  • Designed with an aluminum heat sink.
  • Includes pre-wired Tamiya design battery connector.
  • When working with Tamiya LF batteries, be sure to use the battery pack included exchange connector.


One 2PHKA AM Transmitter w/Tx battery pack holder
One R162JE AM Receiver
One 7.2V 5000mAh NiMH Battery
One 7.2V Battery Fast Charger
One Crystal Set
Two S3003 Servo
One Flag Set
One change Harness
One Tx Antenna
Battery Holder

REQUIRES: Eight AA batteries


This cannot transform for left handed usage.
This radio won't have a module.
Transmitter present drain 250mA.
Has fee jack for NiCD usage.
Dual Speed Steering modification just isn't produced by the thumb wheel, it's found under the smoked glass panel.
Please note: whenever combined with high geared devices including Rock Crawlers, security functions may stop procedure as a result of extortionate engine load.
Always utilize receiver with BEC. Using other receivers may bring about breakdown of receiver.

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