Futaba MC850C Forward only Programmable ESC for 5Turn Motor  [MC850C]

Futaba MC850C Forward only Programmable ESC for 5Turn Motor



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The Forward only Programmable ESC for 5Turn Motor produced by Futaba, is classified in R/C Models - Motor / ESC / Cooling Fan - ESC - Car ESC

Brushed Electronic Speed Controls

With Futaba Electronic Speed Controls (ESCs), enjoying smooth, proportional control of acceleration is really as easy as the push-button set-up that precedes it. Heat sinks, powerful FETs and high-frequency switching provide cool, efficient operation. Reversible ESCs include a lock-out that enables motorists to maneuver from sport driving to club racing with a feeling, as the MC850C Programmable Competition ESC features an electronic digital set-up system, ATL brake travel modification, plus low voltage, power on and heat security.
Optional CIU-2 Computer software adds serial communication functions. All ESCs consist of screwdriver, capacitor, Schottky diode, double-side tape and on / off switch.


  • Developed for high-performance competition rushing
  • SMD MOSFETs for minimal losses and maximum energy
  • 6.0V BEC
  • Operates with 4-7 cellular (4.8V-8.4V) NiCd & NiMH batteries
  • For brushed motors 5 turns or over
  • Current limitation with timer
  • Neutral braking system
  • External solder points with 12AWG silicone flex cable

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