Italeri 1309 - 1/72 B-25g Mitchell  [IT-1309S]

Italeri 1309 - 1/72 B-25g Mitchell
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The B-25g Mitchell produced by Italeri in 1/72 scale assembly kit, is classified in Scale Models - Military Series - Aircrafts - Propeller

The united states B-25 Mitchell was probably one of the best medium bombers of World War II. The very first flight of twin-engine North American plane was done in 1939. Running on two 1750 HP Wright R-2600 Cyclone engines, the B-25 ended up being characterized by an extraordinary operational freedom. It took its nickname in honor of General Billy Mitchell considered, essentially, the daddy while the creator of United States Air Force. From the first variations, employed for the key task of medium bomber in level journey, were progressively develop and implement further variations. Particularly, after the specific significance of a ground assault and close help aircraft, had been made the B-25G. It absolutely was loaded with a closed nose, as opposed to the transparent one, with two .50 machine-guns and an heavy 75mm cannon inside which managed to make it a real piece of traveling artillery

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