Italeri 6005 - 1/72 Austrian Infantry (Nap.Wars)  [IT-6005S]

Italeri 6005 - 1/72 Austrian Infantry (Nap.Wars)
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The Austrian Infantry Nap.Wars produced by Italeri in 1/72 scale assembly kit, is classified in Scale Models - Military Series - Soldiers - Historic

The Austrian infantry associated with package is represented with all the 1798 helmet characterized the light infantry Frei-Corps and Jagers battalions. Later on they've been adopted by nearly all of Austrian riflemen battalions. Within the package, the riflemen are flanked by the grenadiers utilizing the distinctive bearskin caps.

In July 1809 the Austrian troops, commanded directly by the Archduke Karl himself, were defeated by Napoleon through the Battle of Wagram. The numbers works extremely well for the reproduction associated with riflemen regiments or even for Grenadiers Corps Reverse commanded by Liechtenstein.

The field contains 48 figures and 1 horse

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