Kyosho 30973T1 - 1/7 EP 2WD Buggy SCORPION XXL VE readyset Color Type 1 (White)  [30973T1]

Kyosho 30973T1 - 1/7 EP 2WD Buggy SCORPION XXL VE readyset Color Type 1 (White)
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The 2WD Buggy XXL VE Color Type 1 White produced by Kyosho in 1/7 scale RWD drivetrain RTR (Ready-to-Run), is classified in R/C Models - Off-Road - Buggy - Electric Powered

Menacing looks and gratification to match!
Appears BAD, operates good! An easy task to run, tough in the competition!

The new Kyosho Scorpion XXL combines the powerful off-road performance craved by off road racers with simple drivability of a XXL scale off road machine. The slow, typically lazy response of current big scale models ensure it is harder discover suitable areas to race them. Kyosho produces another and exciting truth for large scale fans, delivering a machine that's slightly more compact, but features the explosive performance and lightning-quick reactions of a finely-tuned racing machine. New framework design! The 3mm main framework features a molded "perimeter" frame that results in rock-solid rigidity. In addition to supplying superior suspension system travel, the low shock mounting position associated with the front "gull" hands keeps the shocks as low as possible for optimum cornering rates and exceptional stability throughout the roughest areas. This is complimented by today's back suspension system typical of 1/10-scale cars, strengthened to make a robust suspension system system for this big machine. The front suspension system and steering geometry end up in superior large-scale control like no time before.

  • The receiver package is simply the right size the compact KR200 receiver. The mounting position is really as far possible from the electronics to cut back possible interference.
  • Features hex kind screws for secure installation and razor-sharp looks too.
  • The molded front side and back surprise towers function ultra rigid construction for accuracy performance, while permitting just enough flex to maximize durability.
  • Molded roll bar and roof are set up with dummy fog lights. Roll club is pre-installed regarding the Readyset.
  • Includes a wing mount that enables installation of a corner wing through the Inferno MP9 (optional). Small modification to wing is needed.

ReadySet articles

  • Factory assembled chassis with 2-channel, 1-servo, 1-ESC R/C device
  • Syncro KT-201 transmitter
  • Pre-painted body
  • Pre-installed Team Orion VORTEX 7 brushless engine
  • Pre-installed Team Orion VORTEX VE-XXL ESC
  • Cross wrench

Necessary for Operation

  • Battery for chassis/ 7.2-14.4V Li-Po battery with super plug connector
  • Battery charger
  • 4 x AA-size alkaline batteries for transmitter

Chassis Technical Data

  • Length 630mm
  • Width 402mm
  • Height 244mm
  • Wheelbase 452mm
  • Tread (F/R) 353 / 331mm
  • Tire(F/R) F130�43mm / F140�71mm
  • Gear Ratio 16.0:1
  • Body weight 4000g(with human body)
  • Motor Orion Vortex 7 brushless

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