Kyosho 32760 - 1/27 R/C EP Touring Car MINI-Z Racer ASF 2.4GHz Brushless Motor MR-03VE Chassis Set  [KY32760]

Kyosho 32760 - 1/27 R/C EP Touring Car MINI-Z Racer ASF 2.4GHz Brushless Motor MR-03VE Chassis Set
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alt="Kyosho 32760 - 1/27 R/C EP Touring Car MINI-Z Racer ASF 2.4GHz Brushless Motor MR-03VE Chassis Set" title="Kyosho 32760 - 1/27 R/C EP Touring Car MINI-Z Racer ASF 2.4GHz Brushless Motor MR-03VE Chassis Set"
The R/C Touring Car MINI-Z Racer ASF 2.4GHz Brushless Motor MR-03VE Set produced by Kyosho in 1/27 scale MR-03 RWD series assembly kit, is classified in R/C Models - On-Road - Mini-Z

Chassis pre-installed with a high performance brushless engine!
Next generation MINI-Z introduces a lot more durability and energy!

The following development of the MINI-Z Racer now incorporates the latest brushless engine technology into its performance. Never utilized before on a MINI-Z, this model includes the same-sized ‘Team Orion XSPEED VE’ brushless motor with its characteristic high durability, energy, RPM and an appartment torque feel. The MINI-Z takes full benefit of the brushless motor’s efficient low friction; non-contact properties that minimize use and reduce electric noise to supply outstanding linear reaction and smooth acceleration for a sensorless brushless engine that is authorized to be used inside MINI-Z Cup and other formal races. A restriction applied to maximum RPM keeps the playing industry degree for several drivers. In addition, a newly created circuit board with ICS function connects to a Computer (adapter offered separately) for precision setting corrections. Just down load the ‘ICS VE Manager’ pc software from the Kyosho web site to control the brushless motor settings and take away the RPM restriction to extract the entire potential from your device. The newly created upper address additionally allows simple mounting of this optional gyro ahead together with framework has the MR-03 ball diff which was previously optional. Now the MR-03’s dynamic performance is turbo-charged with brushless engine power to mark a new stage inside development of MINI-Z performance and technology.

*Can be operated with past MINI-Z Racer ASF2.4 GHz 2-channel transmitter.


  • MR-03 Chassis Set installed with brushless motor
  • Ball Diff Set (No.MZW206) included as standard.
  • Appropriate for all existing MINI-Z Racer human body types.
  • Unique brushless engine circuit board features 3 LEDs to indicate proper function.
  • Redesigned upper address allows easy installing gyro.
  • Suitable for optional components for the MR-03 chassis.
  • Features newly developed revolutionary ‘VCS’ front suspension that modifications camber angle in collaboration with suspension stroke.
  • ASF2.4GHz R/C system eliminates have to handle regularity bands. Just one transmitter can be utilized with numerous models. **Transmitter is sold individually.
  • Built with digital steering servo with built-in coreless motor.
  • Coil springs on front suspension system can be simply changed by eliminating the springtime stopper with just two screws.
  • Features high effectiveness silver plated motor terminals.
  • Pre-calibrated zero point steering setting.
  • Brushless engine is the identical size as current 130-class motors. Delivers outstanding durability and energy.
  • Newly developed brushless engine circuit board could be added onto the MR-03 framework. Equipped with 3 LEDs to indicate correct operation and ICS function.
  • Upper cover redesigned to complement brand new circuit board and is appropriate for all existing human body kinds. Features space ahead for mounting optional gyro.
  • Good quality gold plated motor terminals and silicon cables included as standard to handle the high energy production.
  • Ball Diff Set (previously optional component No.MZW206) is roofed as standard. Functions in perfect combination with brushless motor energy.

brushless motor

  • In place of the brush and commutator found in brushed engines until recently, brushless motors rely on the electric circuit to power the engine. To come up with energy, brushed motors needed constant contact between your brush and commutator, which generated opposition and caused use regarding contact areas to lessen the motor's durability.
    Brushless engines eliminate this issue and produce greater power production, torque and greater high class performance from the same energy input. As there's absolutely no contact area, durability is enhanced so the engine keeps its higher rate of performance for much longer. These characteristics allow R/C models to perform at greater levels than ever before.

VCS (adjustable Camber suspension system) takes performance to a brand new measurement!

  • Upper arms connected to king pins and knuckles with ball links let the camber angle to change with suspension system swing, like on an actual car. Tire connection with the outer lining continues to be constant, also during chassis roll and suspension swing from area tracing. The newly developed electronic steering servo uses a coreless motor that provides fast steering reaction and razor-sharp maneuverability that feels as though its riding on rails. Additionally, top of the supply and one-piece cantilever provide ideal cushioned motion the coil spring. In addition, the stainless steel master pin and wheel shaft delivers smooth motion for exemplary operating stability. Precision geometry settings remove toe in and toe down modification during suspension swing and produce a neutral steering feel. The revolutionary VCS (adjustable Camber Suspension) represents a significant evolutionary step in the reputation for the MINI-Z.

Newly developed electronic steering servo features coreless motor and new gear decrease ratio

  • The powerful position retention and movement of the electronic servo is enhanced utilizing the adoption of a coreless motor providing you with instantaneous pick up and stopping. Furthermore, the newly developed steering gear unit has 3 times the apparatus ratio of previous versions for greater power in keeping its place therefore it holds its line securely facing kickbacks from the road area and also provides much more accurate movement and response.

Kit Contents

  • Factory assembled MR-03W framework set up with Team ORION XSPEED VE brushless motor.
  • One-piece RA-27 receiver and brushless engine circuit board built with ICS connector
  • Modification parts for RM-type motor mount
  • Upper and lower dish and steering tie pole for (front) slim tread (included)
  • Front suspension system spacers for adjustment
  • Pinion Gears (7T, 8T, 9T)
  • Wheel wrench
  • Pinion gear device
  • Pairing stick
  • Spare wheel peanuts

Needed for procedure

  • ASF 2.4GHz Perfex KT-18 transmitter for MINI-Z or Kyosho EX-5UR ASF transmitter (No.82011)
  • AAA sized alkaline batteries or Ni-MH x 4 for chassis
  • AAA sized alkaline batteries x 4 for transmitter (KT-18), AA size alkaline batteries x 8 (EX-5UR)

Chassis Technical Information

  • Length: 124~133mm(MM Chassis:125~133mm?RM Chassis:124~132mm)
  • Width: 65~76mm
  • Height: 34~35mm
  • Wheelbase: 86~106mm(86,90,94,98,102,106)
  • Tread (F/R): (Wide)61.5mm / 59mm (Narrow)56.5mm / 56.5mm [when wheel offset is 0]
  • Tire(F/R): 23.5~25×8.5mm / 25~27×8.5~11mm
  • Gear Ratio: 7.3,6.3,5.5,4.9:1
  • Weight: 135g approx.
  • Engine: Team ORION XSPEED VE

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