Serpent 401618 RRS System set 411  [SER401618]

Serpent 401618 RRS System set 411



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The RSystem set 411 produced by Serpent, is classified in

For Serpent 411 ERYX Serpent introduces this innovative RRS system.

The Serpent RRS System ( Re-active Rear Steering) brings a new dimension to setup. It provides an active toe-in in the rear. It allows to run less static toe-in and still have a good traction coming out of the corner.The amount of toe-change over the suspension travel is fully adjustable. You can even have no toe-in change in droop and still have a toe-in raise under compression.

The system fits ERYX 2.0 and 3.0, but also older versions 411, with either alu chassis or carbon chassis.

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