Serpent SER401747 RRS Links Short (2) 4X  [SER401747]

Serpent 401747 RRS Links Short (2) 4X



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The RLinks Short 2 4X produced by Serpent, is classified in Spares / Hop-ups - Serpent - Project 4X Touringcar EP 190mm (SER400030)

In the rear of the car the 4X has the RRS system is standard.

We have been testing with the length and position of the link and found that a shorter link creates more rear grip. Its is a great improvement for racers in modified class and all drivers in the stock class.

Set includes

  • 2x balljoint-4-5-short
  • 2x ball joint-4-5
  • 2x camberlink-rod-aluminium
  • 2x screw roundhead-allen-m3x6
  • 2x rear-tie rod-holder

Standard length is 37,5mm when using the inside hole and 42mm when using the outside hole from center to center. That means measured 8,5mm / 13mm measured at the inside of the balljoints as we show it in the manual.

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