Serpent SER500646 Trans set 4-gear SRX2  [SER500646]

Serpent 500646 Trans set 4-gear SRX2



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The Trans set 4-gear SRX2 produced by Serpent, is classified in

The SRX2 MH kit has as standard both the 3-gear standing and 3-gear laydown transmission.

The set includes the light machined alu motor-plate, the transmission cases, idler shafts and gears and bearings and  hardware as needed.

The 4-gear standing transmission will work well on low to medium traction tracks and is easier to handle/ more forgiving compared to the more aggressive 3-gear standing set-up ( which is used a lot in the stock-class too) .

So for the Spyder SRx2 kit you can now choose between 3-gear standing and  laydown and 4-gear standing and laydown transmission, all fitting on the same alu or cabon chassis plate. All surfaces and styles covered !

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