Serpent 803193 Centax-3 Revision set (SER803193)  [SER803193]

Serpent 803193 Centax-3 Revision set (SER803193)



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The Centax-3 Revision set SER produced by Serpent, is classified in
  • In the event that you race a Serpent 1/10th 200mm you will end up pleased to hear the Serpent have actually released a few helpful new components combos. First up could be the brand new revision set the Centax III clutch to permit the consumer to totally replace the inner workings of these clutch, ideal for that overhaul before a huge race. Upcoming up is not only handy but also very helpful, it is a full group of spur gears that become a total spares set but of course also provides you with most of the available gear ratio tuning choices to set your car or truck for any provided track. Lastly we have a complete group of coated aluminium pinion gears for the Centax III, which once again become a complete spares set and outstanding tuning package.
  • Centax-3 revision set contains replacement bearings, flyweights and yellow clutch footwear.

    Spur gear set contains: 1 x 55T, 1 x 56T, 1 x 57T, 1 x 59T, 1 x 60T & 1 x 61T

    Pinion gear set contains: 1 x 17T, 1 x 18T, 1 x 20T, 1 x 21T, 1 x 22T & 1 x 23T

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