Tamiya 15258 - Steering System  [15258]

Tamiya 15258 - Steering System
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The Steering System produced by Tamiya, is classified in Mini 4WD / Kids - Mini 4WD Spare Parts 2 - Tires & Wheels

This steering system maximizes motor power by immediately adjusting the way associated with front tires during cornering. The set is prepared to match either little or big diameter tires, allowing choice of tires in accordance with track conditions.

Mini 4WD Fighter sets the Steering System on Test

The Mini 4WD Fighter had not been satisfied simply hearing exactly how effective this set ended up being, he had to find out for himself. So he rigged up his favorite device with the Steering Set and hit two a couple of his favorite Mini 4WD courses. Check out of the table below to understand substantial distinction this set provides.

Terms of information from Mini 4WD Fighter

After trying a few settings, he found establishing their front rollers slim and rear rollers wide offered the best running stability. He recommends you all to test the settings best suited towards regional track !

Oval Residence Course 10 laps

  • With Steering System : 11.81 sec
  • Without Steering System : 12.04 sec

Junior Circuit 12 laps

  • With Steering System : 19.88 sec
  • Without Steering System : 20.12 sec


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