Tamiya 22039 - TA08 Lightweight Front One-Way Set (37T)  [22039]

Tamiya 22039 - TA08 Lightweight Front One-Way Set (37T)



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The TA08 Lightweight Front One-Way Set 37T produced by Tamiya, is classified in Spares / Hop-ups - Tamiya - TA-08
This Hop-Up Optiuon is to be used utilizing the Tamiya TA-08 4WD framework. It replaces leading gear diff with a one-way, which facilitates the leading tires to roll easily under deceleration and braking. Under acceleration, the system behaves like a direct coupler/spool. When compared with utilizing a primary Coupler/Spool or gear differential, the one-way product permits your car or truck to carry more speed through high-speed turns. This product is beneficial whenever driving on tracks that do not have razor-sharp 180 level turns, where difficult braking is needed. Also, it’s best to make use of this device with low energy motors, as it’s easier to get a grip on the vehicle, when minimal braking is necessary.

• Front One-Way Set (37T) x1
• Aluminum One-Way Housing x1
• One-Way Pulley (37T) x1
• Cup Joints x2
• Urethane Bushings x2
• 3x5mm Hex Head Screws x3
• setting up a one-way product in front means front tires are not braked. It gives sharper acceleration and enhanced cornering.
• Features slim-design lightweight one-way pulley.
• appropriate for TA08 PRO, TA07 and TRF420 chassis vehicles.

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