Tamiya 40521 - RC GB01 Flag Sticker Set Buggy Characters  [40521]

Tamiya 40521 - RC GB01 Flag Sticker Set Buggy Characters
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The GB01 Flag Sticker Set Buggy Characters produced by Tamiya in No Scale scale, is classified in R/C General - Body Detailing - Sticker

These stickers utilize image of Tamiya's popular 1980's "buggy characters" including the Frog, Hornet and Fox. Now aided by the objective of spreading awareness of these characters to a new audience, we provide this special sticker set. Designed for usage with any TamTech-Gear GB- 01 framework as well as ITEM 40515 GB-01 Bumper Set, this stickers are both enjoyable, and provide a number of uses.

  • Variety of stickers including antenna flags and bumper stickers is ideal for giving your TamTech-Gear machine a unique and colorful appearance.
  • Utilize antenna banner stickers to effortlessly distinguish your TamTech-Gear car from other comparable ones.
  • Colorful and cartoon-like Frog, Hornet and Fox-Mini stickers may be used to enhance not only R/C automobiles, but virtually any such thing.

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