Tamiya #53827 - Stabilizer Rod Stopper  [53827]

Tamiya #53827 - Stabilizer Rod Stopper



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The Stabilizer Rod Stopper produced by Tamiya, is classified in Spares / Hop-ups - Tamiya - TA-05 | Spares / Hop-ups - Tamiya - TA-06 | Spares / Hop-ups - Tamiya - TB-04 | R/C General - Stabilizer - Stabilizer Parts | Spares / Hop-ups - Tamiya - FF-04 | Spares / Hop-ups - Tamiya - TB Evo V | Spares / Hop-ups - Tamiya - TRF415 | Spares / Hop-ups - Tamiya - TRF416 | Spares / Hop-ups - Tamiya - TRF417 | Spares / Hop-ups - Tamiya - TRF418 | Spares / Hop-ups - Tamiya - TRF419 | Spares / Hop-ups - Tamiya - TRF503

When working with sway pubs in a touring car sedan it is vital to fix the sway club on the chassis as safe that you can without binding the club. These stoppers are acclimatized to avoid the sway club from moving kept to right under load. A sway club should go easily along, but should not move laterally. These stoppers prevent that from occurring and invite the bars to perform their function precisely.

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