Tamiya 56361 - 1/14 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3348 6x4 Tipper (Red/Silver) Edition  [56361]

Tamiya 56361 - 1/14 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3348 6x4 Tipper (Red/Silver) Edition



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alt="Tamiya 56361 - 1/14 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3348 6x4 Tipper (Red/Silver) Edition" title="Tamiya 56361 - 1/14 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3348 6x4 Tipper (Red/Silver) Edition"
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The Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3348 6x4 Tipper Red/Silver Edition produced by Tamiya in 1/14 scale Tractor Trucks series assembly kit, is classified in R/C Models - On-Road - Tractor Trucks
Here is just a particular variant of this R/C mercedes-benz Arocs tipper truck apparel (Thing 56357), the fashionable 3-axle truck using cushioned mattress and identifying bucket grille. It's a excellent alternative for R/C lovers with no full time and consent to employ a paint project into their own invention, as areas include pre-painted from TS-8 Italian crimson (taxi ) along with TS-17 Gloss aluminum (back mattress ), also awarded that a urethane transparent coat to get a gorgeous, durable complete.

Scale R/C type assembly package. Duration: 576mm 190mm 267mm.
• The Arocs 3348 kind is re created by means of an injection shaped figure, using different side cushions and visor, etc..
• c ab components are formed in crimson PS (polystyrene) and also pre-painted in Italian crimson (TS-8), whilst bed elements are modeled in grey ABS along with pre-painted in Gloss aluminum (TS-17). All elements possess a urethane top coating.
• The 3-axle chassis comes with a very difficult ladder frame with aluminum side stations and resin cross associates.
• Truck mattress segment is constituted of resin board segments and alloy sub frame.
• appropriate for Electric Actuator Place (merchandise 56545) for sensible bath mattress movement.
• TR mighty-tuned engine (35T) offers twin back axles with enough capability to take heaps from the mattress.
Back fenders, • Back tires and tail-lights have focused tipper truck version layouts.
3-speed transmission that was • might be managed with a 4ch R/C transmitter. Thing #7255252
Steel foliage spring dampers with coil springs offer suspension.
• appropriate for MFC-03 (Thing 56523) (or MFC-01, merchandise 56511) for sensible sounds and lights.
• calls for: 4-channle radio (Thing #7255252), also 7.2volt battery along with charger that is compatible.

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