Tamiya #67254 - Tamiya Portable Pit Tote Bag (Black/Red)  [67254]

Tamiya #67254 - Tamiya Portable Pit Tote Bag (Black/Red)



Brand New
alt="Tamiya #67254 - Tamiya Portable Pit Tote Bag (Black/Red)" title="Tamiya #67254 - Tamiya Portable Pit Tote Bag (Black/Red)"
alt="Tamiya #67254 - Tamiya Portable Pit Tote Bag (Black/Red)" title="Tamiya #67254 - Tamiya Portable Pit Tote Bag (Black/Red)"
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The Portable Pit Tote Bag Black/Red produced by Tamiya, is classified in Tools / Bags / Others - Bags - Carry / Pit Bags

A Brand New stylish Tote Bag with Black x Red,realease from the tamiya, It is a large capacity tote bag and its Great for the mini 4WD fans.

Flap of the zipper pocket is attached to the front and back, can be stored and sorting small items such as parts case and multi-case. With covered on top of the portable pit, becomes a blindfold, you can also prevent the jumping out of the luggage.

Compression belt firmly to secure the luggage in on both sides of the possession as well equipped. The left and right sides of the mesh pocket is placed is 500ml PET bottle. In addition, the interior pad and bottom pad to protect the luggage is removable. Spread to become the one person of the floor sheet if you use, is useful in the race venue of mini 4wd drive.

The main fabric of the body, which was printed Tamiya mark in white polyester, lining is nylon. Durable, not only prevent the storage the luggage gets wet, its also a point easy to wipe lighter dirt. Black color Body compression belt and mesh pocket the top of the ring has prepared two kinds of red and blue.

  • Bag body size: Side about 41 x length of about 38 x thickness of about 16cm
  • Floor sheet Size: 5mm thick next to about 80 x length of about 90cm seat foam core material containing

*There is no water resistance to the needle hole and the other members of the sewing. Scratches made on the coated surface does not heal.

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