Tamiya #67381 - Tamiya Coin Purse (Mini 4WD No.4)  [67381]

Tamiya #67381 - Tamiya Coin Purse (Mini 4WD No.4)



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alt="Tamiya #67381 - Tamiya Coin Purse (Mini 4WD No.4)" title="Tamiya #67381 - Tamiya Coin Purse (Mini 4WD No.4)"
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The Coin Purse Mini 4WD No.4 produced by Tamiya, is classified in Tools / Bags / Others - Others - Apparel

A Handy Accessory

This handy 85mm-diameter purse takes Tamiya official Mini 4WD battle stickers as design motivation. It comes down for sale in 5 different figures, each featuring its very own color. The opposite part of the bag is graced by the unmistakeable twin celebrity logo design. Made of polyester, it features a core of polychloroprene (frequently employed for wetsuits), and provides a great mixture of cushioning, stretchiness and waterproofing. It could be employed for holding spare Mini 4WD vehicle batteries.
  • Material: polyester (with polychloroprene core)
  • Dimensions: 85mm diameter, 15mm depth
  • Please note that colors of real purse varies somewhat from those shown here.
  • Left: A range of 5 different figures making use of their very own specific color is available!

  • Right: Why not make use of alongside the fashionable reel clip also available from Tamiya?

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