Tamiya 74523 - HG Wide Airbrush Trigger Type  [74523]

Tamiya 74523 - HG Wide Airbrush Trigger Type
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The HG Wide Airbrush Trigger Type produced by Tamiya, is classified in Paints - Spray-Work - Airbrush

High performance wide airbrush designed for usage with Tamiya Spray-Work series compressors and air cans.

Tamiya Airbrush System

Outstanding quality, affordable cost point, and precision have always been the hallmarks of this Tamiya line. Once again, Tamiya has had leading edge technology on modeler by providing artist quality airbrushes with the precision machined matched headset design. Tamiya Airbrushes are hand tested and adjusted, before the spray characteristics meet the many strict specifications regarding market. The superior control gained by hand-matching the needle and nozzle guarantees flawless paint flow and guarantees the greatest modeling experience possible. From fine hairlines to finely atomized background spraying, Tamiya airbrushes are the top choice for modelers and radio-control enthusiasts the world over.

Top model of the Spray-Work HG Airbrushes. Can be utilized for extended durations of the time without your finger getting exhausted. With the capacity of spaying lines under 1mm thick. HG Trigger-Type Airbrush is of the dual action kind, therefore initial spray will give off mostly atmosphere to enable fine modification of paint spray volume. This high-grade airbrush features glass molded to airbrush together metallic piece. By detatching atmosphere valve, this brush can be linked to the compressor of Tamiya's Fundamental Compressor Set. Nozzle diameter: 0.5mm

To use this product with a Badger hose you will need this item

About the Model

  • 0.5mm wide nozzle is good for spraying large areas or attaining glossy finish. It's also useful for spraying paints with hefty pigment such as for instance surface primer or metallic color
  • Features accuracy and long-lasting metal construction
  • Large size (15cc) paint cup included
  • Needle stopper allows modification of spray width

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