Tamiya 76617 - Matte Varnish (10ml)  [76617]

Tamiya 76617 - Matte Varnish (10ml)
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alt="Tamiya 76617 - Matte Varnish (10ml)" title="Tamiya 76617 - Matte Varnish (10ml)"
The Matte Varnish 10ml produced by Tamiya, is classified in Paints - Tamiya Paints - Decoration

  • Two types of glazing kind and matte type surface security may be up and texture associated with the work. It comes with a brush inside cap, how to use are like the manicure. Go to work efficiently. Where there are waterproof after drying effect, could also be used to finish and accessories.

Specs and qualities:

  • Decoration Series No.17
  • Volume: 10ml
  • It's perfect for cookies and muffins, etc., is supposed to be moist and matte finish. By using the paint from a master of color regarding the burn and protect the outer lining to stop fall or master for the color of cooked flour, and to log on to your fingers.

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