Tamiya 76644 - Topping Honey Sauce 20ml  [76644]

Tamiya 76644 - Topping Honey Sauce 20ml
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alt="Tamiya 76644 - Topping Honey Sauce 20ml" title="Tamiya 76644 - Topping Honey Sauce 20ml"
The Topping Honey Sauce 20ml produced by Tamiya, is classified in Paints - Tamiya Paints - Decoration

  • Dessert Topping Master series
  • Supply appetizing toppings complement the work
  • It's "topping source" of six to complete the work a lot more appetizing rooms design. "Chocolate" is sleek to the texture of this chocolate will be the supply of non-transparent color and hardens it. In addition, the "strawberry pebbly source" is also more realism contains the seeds of the strawberry-shaped grains. Clear source can also be feasible to create an assortment of initial tint color design. Is getting excited about topping freely, but additionally to draw the line and character work and a dish. Texture much like water-based acrylic glue. Adopt a container with nozzle may be used in only squeeze out, 20ml volume content.

Specs and Features:

  • Parfait ice cream and in addition started a hot dessert
  • Volume: 20ml

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