Tamiya DF-03 Chassis SSG Graphite Conversion Kit For Tamiya Dark Impact - 3Racing DF03-15/SG  [DF03-15/SG]

Tamiya DF-03 SSG Graphite Conversion Kit - 3RACING DF03-15/SG
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The Tamiya SSG Graphite Conversion Kit DF03-15/SG produced by 3Racing, is classified in Spares / Hop-ups - Tamiya - DF-03

Tamiya DF-03 Chassis SSG Graphite Conversion Kit For Tamiya Black Impact - 3Racing DF03-15/SG

Our Conversion Kit is constructed of Graphite that may provide you with more convenience indeed.

Here you will find the 7 aspects of such a Conversion Kit: Graphite Chassis Set Part Chassis Right Side Chassis Kept Rear Bulkhead Bae Plate Chassis Battery Cover Front Bulkhead Bae Plate

There are total 7 pieces to create such a transformation Kit. Using Graphite instead of synthetic simply permit the human anatomy frame become firmer so as to be able to face serious collision. After utilizing our Conversion Kit, you would understand that your RC run smoother and faster since the component simply keep on staying near the ground. Besides, we've provided 2 colors of graphite for you yourself to choose from, either Woven or SSG Silver.

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