Team Powers Low Profile  [TP-DS0906L-V2]

Team Powers Low Profile
Team Powers
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The Low Profile produced by Team Powers, is classified in R/C Models - System - Servo - Low Profile Servos


Space Temperature Number: -20℃~60℃
Running Temperature Range: 0℃~50℃
Running Voltage Number: 4.8V~6.0V
Gear Material: Titanium metal gear
Body weight: ~45g

Dimension: 40.6mm (L) x 25.3mm(W) x 20mm(H)
Stall Torque: 7.0 kg-cm @4.8V, 9.0kg-cm@6V
Operating Speed(without any load): 0.07 sec/60°@4.8V, 0.06 sec/60°@6V
Dead band width: ~4 μsec

Usage/Warning Notes:

-Vibration when operating may damage the servo. So that you can reduce steadily the vibration, it's
more straightforward to use the supplied rubber grommet to mount the servo to the technical dishes.
-Make sure to link the servo lead connector towards the receiver precisely. Improper
connection will allow servo perhaps not function or it would likely burn off the circuit board within the
-Make sure the ability line is connected tightly to your receiver. Otherwise, the loose
connection can result in the servo out of control.
-Do perhaps not turn the servo horn forcibly within the power on status. Otherwise, it would likely damage
the gear component in the servo.
-Do maybe not use within the rain or in a place where in fact the water log on to it. The servo may be from
control with regards to becomes wet.

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