XRAY 338502 - XCa (XRAY Centrifugal-axial) CluTCh Set - Reverse  [XR-338502]

XRAY 338502 XCA (XRAY Centrifugal-Axial) Clutch Set - Reverse
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alt="XRAY 338502 XCA (XRAY Centrifugal-Axial) Clutch Set - Reverse" title="XRAY 338502 XCA (XRAY Centrifugal-Axial) Clutch Set - Reverse"
The XCA Centrifugal-Axial Clutch Set Reverse produced by XRAY, is classified in Spares / Hop-ups - XRAY - NT1 Series - NT1 (330015) | Spares / Hop-ups - XRAY - NT1 Series - NT1 2015 Specs (330011)

This complete clutch set includes redesigned elements which create a far more powerful clutch engagement appropriate most race conditions. Includes a super-lightweight flywheel, brand new black colored reinforced clutch flyweights, new smaller and super lightweight clutchbell, smaller diameter yellow clutch footwear, brand new conical clutch washer springtime set, and brand new aluminum clutch disc.
All components were created and long-term tested by the factory race team. Provides smoother, faster acceleration and much more consistency. Advances the duration of clutch shoe. Pinion gears aren't included. Included components listed in parts list area.
Remark :
Due to limited stock availability, please notice that some XRAY items may have to order from the factory and the ready time is around 4-6 weeks. Customer purchases the item is assumed to accept the waiting time which allows us to order directly from the manufacturer if the item is out of our warehouse.

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