XRAY 358275 Progressive Springs - Soft - 1 stripe (2)
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alt="XRAY 358275 Progressive Springs - Soft - 1 stripe (2)" title="XRAY 358275 Progressive Springs - Soft - 1 stripe (2)"
alt="XRAY 358275 Progressive Springs - Soft - 1 stripe (2)" title="XRAY 358275 Progressive Springs - Soft - 1 stripe (2)"
The Progressive Springs Soft 1 stripe 2 produced by XRAY, is classified in

Brand new SOFT modern springs are soft at the beginning of the compression but become harder because the springtime is compressed more in the centre, with highest hardness by the end. Marked with ONE stripe for easy identification. Pair of 2. Fit both front and back. Fits XB808 and XB9.
Ultimate high-performance racing springs give you extra precision tuning alternatives for your XRAY model racing automobile! Developed through substantial assessment and rushing experience, these racing springs were designed and precision-crafted to own a far more progressive price than standard XRAY race springs. Due to the fact car goes into the part the spring is softer which generates more hold but right the vehicle inclines the springs get stiffer as well as the higher part rate is achieved. Available as a set of springs – to fit both front and rear – the springs are separately calculated, controlled, inspected and matched to supply identical damping traits. Throughout the selection process, each springtime is compressed in a number of fine increments and the values recorded, then each springtime is matched with another springtime of identical characteristics. XRAY goes the excess mile to ensure perfect springtime fits, providing your car or truck the predictability and persistence that you need to allow you to lead the pack.
Remark :
Due to limited stock availability, please notice that some XRAY items may have to order from the factory and the ready time is around 4-6 weeks. Customer purchases the item is assumed to accept the waiting time which allows us to order directly from the manufacturer if the item is out of our warehouse.

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